Tactical & Law Enforcement
Training Targets

Out of the box, real world training.

Disruptive training that better prepares you for live-fire scenarios.

What makes Gnat Warfare Targets Different?

Unlike typical, static “in the box” predictable tactical training situations,
our systems simulate real life scenarios by creating a 360 Degree, 3D
environment. Our adaptable silhouette appearances will increase
realism in each training scenario.  This allows military and law
enforcement trainees to experience a more complex and disruptive
environment, better preparing them with real life action – all at an
affordable price.

Starting at $9900/target.

We provide a unique, dynamic experience with mobile targets designed to move at human-like speeds and create scenarios that challenge a shooters ablity, designed to refine their skills. 

The Tactial Training Targets are built on a 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering, 4-wheel independent suspension allowing for very tight turning and an ability to handle a wde variety of terrain with ease. Durability ad low maintenance systems allow for cost-effective training. 

The on-board reachargable batteries allow for hours of continuous training use!  The chasis is armored in AR 600 plating rated at 2800 FPS to prevent damage to any crucial electronics.  Capable of carrying a variety of different targets, our system can be made specific to your target needs.

Optional Auto Targets, an app-based reactive target system allows for real-time shot placement and tracks and records multiple shot intervals. 


“I’ve never trained with anything like this in my life.”


“This is the closest thing to reality we’ve ever trained with.”


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