Our Approach

We strive to provide great training tools while keeping the ease of operation in mind.  Our goal is to be able to have anyone be an operator of the Tactical Training target with very minimal experience needed.

Our Story

Gnat Warfare started with a group of friends looking for a better experience while enjoying there guns.  The early stages of the moving targets put the vision in place and from there Gnat Warfare was born.  Gnat Warfare started by doing a lot of aerial target shoots and than ventured into the exploding moving ground targets.  From there the Tactical Training targets were born.  We are always trying to move forward with technology and keep Gnat Warfare at the front of the pack when it comes to reasonably priced moving tactical training targets

Meet the Team

Gnat Warfare is comprised of a group of guys with very different backgrounds that together make up a great team.  Everyone has there own particular roles and specialties that when collaborated bring the Gnat Warfare products to where they are.


george ford



Mike Kiesler


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Mike Truhe

Research and Development


Jay Largo