Gnat Warfare Tactical Training Targets

Aim to provide a dynamic and unique training experience with mobile targets designed to move at human-like speeds and create scenarios that challenge the shooters mind and skills.  The Tactical Training Targets are built off of a 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering and 4 wheel independent suspension chassis that allows for very tight turning and that ability to handle many different types of terrain with ease of operation.


The on-board rechargeable batteries allow for hours of continuous training use!  The chassis and main electronics are armored in AR plate that will stop almost all errant rounds from damaging any crucial electronics.  Capable of carrying a multitude of different targets and target mounts can be made specific to your target needs.

Optional Auto Targets reactive live feed target system available for tracking and recording training scenarios for shot placement and shot intervals.


Targets starting at $8,995

Financing available


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