A Gnat is military drone technology used for sport shooting. It’s like shooting conventional aerial targets. Instead of clay targets your shooting at a remote controlled Drone target. The Gnat has ten pyrotechnic charges on the bottom side that deliver a big flash/bang when hit. If you’re good enough you might be able to deliver a direct hit that will take these exploding targets down.

Once you have shot at the highly maneuverable Gnat, racing by at 80+ miles per hour, the more conventional aerial targets will seem a little dull. The high speed, highly maneuverable adrenaline pumping drone will have you hooked for life. Once you’ve shot the Gnat you will never go back.

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Gnat Shooting has been hugely popular in the UK for many years, and has featured in events such as high profile celebrity charity shoots held at most of Britain’s most famous shooting grounds, to private parties at country estates. Our Gnat Shooting System is unique.

Shotgun events normally involve the downing of conventional targets such as clay pigeons or game. We have perfected a high speed, maneuverable, remote controlled target drone which takes the sport to the next level. The aircraft flies at speeds of up to 80 mph, with extremely rapid directional changes and fighter like agility. Controlled by very experienced pilots, our gnat shooting system is probably one of the hardest targets a shooter will ever encounter.